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[Chinese shoes Network - When new equipment]??? Mo Farah (Mo Farah), Galen Rupp (Galen Rupp) and Ellison Felix (Allyson Felix) not only are distinguished achievement, they also have talent Bing different, superior speed, and adhere to competitive sports ethics. On the choice of running shoes, they are beloved Nike Zoom Air series - equipped with a Nike running shoe cushioning technology strongest response. & nbsp; run faster, invincible The achievement gap the world's fastest runners and closely followed between rival often less than one second. Nearly 80 years, the world only to shorten the half-second meter record; and 2015 Boston Marathon champion just four seconds ahead of runner. Now that dream come true only between the least bit, Zoom Air Nike developed as a history of the most r Cheap air jordan 12 ovo esponsive cushioning technology, will allow players to feel the speed suddenly leap. NIKE ZOOM AIR Nike Zoom Air in the birth of the second ten years, it will continue to provide athletes comfortable cushioning sensitive. We work with some of the world's fastest athlete, jointly developed Zoom Air running shoes. Whether it is the highly anticipated top athletes or the pursuit of personal bests of ordinary runners, Zoom Air running shoes can meet their needs. Flexible response Zoom Air cushioning system from the pressure within the tightly woven Nike Air unit can stretch fibers. When athletes foot touching the ground, these fibers receive compressed to absorb the impact, followed by rapid restitution, momentary bounce off the floor of the explosive force of a strong rebound. Thus, athletes, cheap jordans for sale mens whether at the time of impact or in the morning run marathon bests, can have fast, cushioning pace. After ten years of research and development, Zoom Air was first introduced in 1995. Its debut co applies to three categories: Zoom Air is located in the heel and forefoot Nike Air Marauder soccer shoes; applied forefoot Air Go LWP basketball shoes; and soon after the launch of Air Zoom LWP running shoes. Since then, track and field athletes began wearing the shoe with a responsive cushioning function of training, competition, and won outstanding achievement. athlete likes fast, agile, responsive pace and the energy derived from them returned, so Nike's Zoom Air running shoes are the first choice for many elite runners. Mo? Farah, Galen? Rupp and Matt? Gent Camp and other players said that when th Retro jordans for sale ey run up to 20 miles a day, they hope to be able to play better running shoes help. Zoom Air will be able to give them a real sense of resilience. Whether you need a comfortable pace or gentle support a strong pace, but also whether you prefer barefoot experience or comfort parcel, Zoom Air can help your legs. Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 32: reinterpret speed As a specially crafted for everyday repetitive training Rouhuan series of running shoes, the new Pegasus running shoes faster and more responsive. Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 32 inherits its loyal fans favorite main properties: the pace to create cushioning Zoom Air heel cushion, breathable uppers and comfortable fit; while introducing a number of enhancements, including more comfortable wavy shoe last, reduced to 10 mm gap around the palm brings a cheap jordan shoes for men more natural gait, and ergonomically designed saddle can bring in a full additional support more targeted. Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 32 will be held in early June in and designated shops for sale. Nike Air Zoom Elite 8: gentle smooth, the speed of light Nike Air Zoom Elite 8 Zoom series of running shoes is the most lightweight one, called minimalist speed machine, designed for fast and light want to keep athletes in training and competition design. Forefoot Zoom Air for the runners to provide instant response on the road. To 8 mm in height around the palm errand runners closer to the ground, to get more control. It combines smooth uppers Nike Flywire technology, seamless and lightweight mesh upper, bring excellent breathability supportive fit feeling. Nike Air Zoom Elite 8 will be held Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping in early July in and designated shops for sale. Nike Air Zoom Vomero 10: Top speed experience As a typical top Rouhuan series of running shoes, Nike Air Zoom Vomero 10 feet long-distance running is an urgent desire of the weapon. It combines extremely sensitive Zoom Air cushion and soft Lunarlon foam, making great sense of speed cushioning. Flymesh upper most needed at the site to provide a smooth breathable comfort and support, while Zoom Air unit is sensitive to bring the best cushioning, making heel from the foot to the front foot off the ground in the process all the comfort and full of power. Nike Air Zoom Vomero 10 has and designated shops for sale. & nbsp; Nike Air Zoom Odyssey: solid comfort, speed long-distance escort Nike Air Zoom Odyssey will bring extra cheap foamposites ordinary foot locks, even the world's fastest runners can maintain stable stable at an alarming rate. Flywire technology and a new heel insert inside the folder can enhance heel lock, and flexible outsole and Ortholite insole to provide cushioning and correct foot posture. Coupled with the study of extremely large Zoom Air cushioning in this pair of running shoes born quicker you will get not shake the pace of cushioning and comfort. Nike Air Zoom Odyssey will be held in early August in and designated shops for sale. & nbsp; Nike Air Zoom Structure 18: a solid pace of light As a suitable stable daily training shoes, the new Structure faster, more beautiful appearance, and can reduce the rate of pronation to prevent eversion. Structure shoe uppers affixed to the dynamic stability cheap jordans for sale characteristics of combined technologies and containing side rails and three dynamic cushioning support system made of different density foam midsole combine to achieve a smooth transition. These elements will stabilize in the sole of the foot and lower spin rate within the foot. The new co-profile shape shoe toe Camber increases, combined with the Zoom Air cushioning device, bring instant fast ground experience. Nike Air Zoom Structure 18 is in and designated shops for sale. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partners: baby Ah shoes) & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Duang !! sweep swept away, there are surprises !!! stationIn 2014 to celebrate the return of Stan Smith classic, Adidas can be described as spare no effort, Retro jordans for sale in just a few months, a series of major brands have teamed up to the trend of the world, in order to launch joint attention, Stan Smith retro wave continues to heat up. As the adidas two years of one of the popular partners, the Belgian fashion designer Raf Simons's accession is really expected, the Raf Simons brand will join forces Adidas joint offer. The Raf Simons x adidas Stan Smith in the classic lines retaining the shoes in the shoe body, loading on the two Velcro design, and filled with metal decoration in Velcro, Raf Simons Adidas will also sign three bar signs of improvement, and through the toe part from tongue position, build the incomparable fashion sense. Compared to previous years, Raf, Simons, x, Adidas joint series shoes, this Stan Smith is really low-key much. 0.jpg (41.2 KB, dow cheap jordans online nload times: 1) download attachment save to album Upload 09:56 2014-3-27 1.jpg (37.08 KB, download times: 1) download attachment save to album Upload 09:56 2014-3-27 2.jpg (46.34 KB, download times: 1) download attachment save to album Upload 09:56 2014-3-27 3.jpg (40.41 KB, download times: 1) download attachment save to album Upload 09:56 2014-3-27 4.jpg (39.99 KB, download times: 1) download attachment save to album Upload 09:56 2014-3-27 5.jpg (38.64 KB, download times: 1) download attachment save to album Upload 09:56 2014-3-27 6.jpg (88.52 Ks)To distinguish between true and false shoes, most shoe friends will think first, look after the tongue bar code and the number of shoes, shoe boxes, or some small LOGO shoes are observed nuances and common authent Cheap air jordans for sale ic shoes right up, use this method to distinguish the general fake shoes may be useful, but to deal with extremely fine imitation shoes, these methods can not see the fake shoes flaws, because some counterfeiting factory is abnormal, they have abundant capital, and the strength of the version of the division and development personnel, the purpose is to completely and really do like 1:1 shoes, so even if they are built-in air cushion will complete in the fake shoes to go inside, these can do to get the shoes number, bar code, shoebox, and subtle small LOGO imitation is not more easily?! Some friends asked that the shoes are the same, it is unable to distinguish it? In fact, as the imitation of the fake shoes still have flaws, but we don't just look at what the LOGO surface is usually where like, sometimes really shoes specially LOGO and also the general real shoes are not the same, you can say he is fake?! So this is what I am going to as everyone says how to distinguish between the true or false shoes shoes. . A fake shoes materials used must be different shoes and really, this is very important, because it is expensive except his shoes to do brand advertising and the development costs of their own outside, shoes materials used are really expensive, this fake shoes is definitely not like the in general, developers will find fake shoes to shoes and really used the same material and texture attributes, but have many poor grade materials, as the copy material. Really shoes (1) upper material: NIKE in basketball shoes will generally use artificial leather, shoes are generally used ultra fiber PU, although not leather but they contain fiber density higher than leather, toughness and permeability is better than leather, not easy to deformation, so a good man artificial leather material than leather more expensive but also good, the general simulation will not use the finest shoe leather or ultra fiber PU for shoes, resolution method is to look at the material gloss, gloss materials is really shoes, there is a hand squeezed by, or stretching the upper leather feel is very toughness and elasticity.The Bulls this year is undoubtedly the real leader Jimmy. Butler, the team to help him by virtue of their own strength once again out of adversity, he has also won the season's most improved player award, a few seasons before he has been wearing Adidas boots debut, but this season he was wearing Jordan Brand series shoes all of this, the source refused Adidas to him, put a Jordan in the arms of the Brand, but revenue declined 75%! In a lot of people in the money today, he is willing to pursue his dreams, indeed worthy of our admiration.NSW LeBron X Lifestyle NRG 2013-12-08 23:02:29 NikeSportswear shoes exposure for the first time in the history of NikeBasketball as the main season basketball shoes is modeled to create Nike Lebron 10 " Cork" Sneaker circle has recently become a hot topic, after being strongly sought after, recently a double high outgoing network called NSW LeBron X Lifestyle NRG shoes. This kind of shoes can be described as pure NSW blood, with Chukka casual shoes as the design blueprint, adding Lebron elements on the shoes. I don't know how you look at this pair of shoes

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