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Chinese shoes network on January 26 hearing, Nike (NIKE Inc., NYSE: NKE) today released the 2007-2009 fiscal year Corporate Social Responsibility (CR) report, which lays out its next phase corporate social responsibility strategy from risk management, philanthropic and cooperation scale formula into a focus on innovation, collaboration, transparency and active participation in a long-term strategy to make the company to maintain positive growth momentum in the sustainable development of the economy. company for a sustainab Retro jordans for sale le business and innovation (SB & amp; I) attaches great importance to further penetrate all of Nike's business strategies, the formation of a more sustainable approach, so their business, community, provide greater returns to workers, consumers and the world. The report describes the Nike's five-year goal of corporate social responsibility, and conducted a comprehensive review of its corporate social responsibility efforts made over the past three years. Nike President and CEO Mark Parker said: "Sustainable development f Cheap air jordan 12 ovo or Nike's growth and innovation is critical to improve the sustainability of our business, our customers, contract workers, employees and shareholders. everything is beneficial, because consumers expect products and experiences little impact on the environment, workers benefit from the sustainable production of their purchase, and a company of the future will be ready to give their employees and shareholders return . " Nike recognize that natural resources and the need to reduce the impact of low-carbon economy, so Nike als cheap jordans online o shared a report by its closed loop (closed-loop) business model of vision, namely achieve zero waste in the supply chain, and products and materials can be continuously reused, avoid wasting the consumer segment before and after. This vision aims to promote innovation and the development of sustainable business processes and models. Hannah Jones, Vice President of Business and Innovation for Sustainable Development, said: "As a growing company, contact Nike and sustainable development of the current labor force is very c cheap jordans for sale mens lear, the youth movement, supply chain and products. social, environmental and economic restructuring are likely to have serious impact. This provides an opportunity for Nike, so that we can take advantage of our ability to innovate and to insist on transparency and collaboration to deal with these complex issues. " The report was released a five-year target of Nike schedule established in 2007. The company has made good progress in many areas, such as human resource management Lean (Lean and Human Resource Management) trai Cheap air jordans for sale ning in contract factories implementation, as well as reducing waste and increasing the use of toxic materials in the environmental advantages of high-performance products, etc. Considered Design . The report also describes the progress of the other difficult targets, such as overtime labor contract factories of management. To help understand the complexity of the issues or strategic changes, Nike also made some changes or explanation. The CSR report describes some important projects the company: 1. Considered Design cheap jordans for sale Considered Design by reducing or eliminating toxic waste and increase the environmental advantages of using the material, into the principles of sustainable development in innovative high-performance athletes products. 2. GreenXchange (GX) GX is a web-based market for sharing all kinds of new intellectual property to guide sustainable business models and innovation. This is a system for capturing, sharing and licensing patents system, once the other person involved in the use, you can birth to creativity, to help addres Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping s sustainable development issues currently impeding the encounter. GX goal is to make people see private intellectual property rights, by the people, so as to promote the development of green innovation. 3. Lean Human Resources Management (HRM) Nike has been working with contract factories, specialized training they implement lean manufacturing and human resource management. Lean principles through skills training, teamwork and instill the concept of quality above quantity, to narrow the distance between decision-makers Retro jordans for sale and workers. Human Resource Management enhances the plant's management capabilities, and they recognize the value of a strong workforce. Although associated with the Nike contract factories cooperation is only one aspect, but for Nike to create a more lean, green, strong and fair supply chain strategy is an important support. 4. movement to bring social change Nike has furthered its strength through sport to promote social change strategies. People underestimate the strength of the movement in the construction of social cheap foamposites entrepreneurs and community innovators networking capability to promote positive change and social, economic and cultural. Nike and Grassroot Soccer in Africa cooperation project is a strong evidence. This is a community project aims to enhance HIV / AIDS awareness and education directly address a pressing social need, it is the media campaign to attract young men and women, to convey information to them so that they can make informed decisions. 5. Energy and Climate Change Strategy In 2009, Nike has called for the estab cheap jordan shoes for men lishment of a "business innovation climate and energy policy" (Innovative Climate and Energy Policy, BICEP) consumer products company alliance, which the United States initiative to strengthen the climate and energy legislation, creating a fair competitive environment through the introduction of a carbon charge, and open to creating technology and infrastructure solutions extremely important types of innovation. Nike's effort to make the mandatory regulations, rising energy prices and volatility and consumer pressure to take preventive measures. In addition, Nike in 2008 with five contract manufacturers launched a footwear energy efficiency projects. Nike insist on carrying on the project's collaboration has achieved initial results impressive: several contract factory production increased by 9%, but its absolute carbon footprint was down 6%. Social Responsibility Report Nike's corporate see: Wherein the progress made on the goals have very detailed description, and the company in 2007, 2008 and 2009 fiscal year effort to conduct a comprehensive review.New Year, NIKE then rushed exposure Solarsoft Moccassin series shoes new color "Atomic Teal", carefully selected high above the shoe made of suede material, is a touch similar touches the hearts and minds of thousands of women Tiffany signs blue-green color, small fresh feeling of rebirth as signs of spring, people lifted, together with details of local smoke gray, shoes, body side weave design, as well as soft and comfortable, very flexible midsole Nike Solarsoft really is a very suitable spring and summer wear shoes, like friends remember to pay close attention Offer details it! & nbsp;& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; the Nike (NKE) third-quarter earnings of $ 300 million 25.8 million, or earnings per share of $ 1.24, representing growth of 19% a year earlier. & nbsp; The clothing and footwear dealers quarter sales grow from $ 3.3 billion to $ 3.6 billion. average estimate of analysts surveyed by Thomson First Call earnings of $ 1.10 per share, on revenue of $ 3.5 billion. The stock closed Tuesday $ 84.95, down about 1%.